Adaptive: Introduction

Using state-of-the-art technology, Adaptive further improves user security and experience by implementing machine learning algorithms to build a user-specific security context, and consequently evaluate the risk of an operation, based on whether the user is in a familiar environment or not.

To evaluate this risk, Adaptive relies on user’s contextual data that was previously amassed over time. Depending on the frequency of the app usage, the user’s profile will usually take from a few days to a few weeks to reach a level of maturity, based on which decisions about the user’s current context can be made.

Futurae offers several Adaptive solutions, namely Adaptive Account Recovery, User Risk Radar, and Adaptive Authentication (coming soon).

Adaptive data collection

As long as the relevant permissions are granted to the authenticator app and in the device’s settings, Adaptive will process the following data:

  • Scanned Wifi networks (name, address)
  • Scanned BLE devices (name, address)
  • Connected Wifi (name)
  • Connected BLE devices (name, address)
  • Geolocation (latitude, longitude)
  • Connected Network Devices (name, address)
  • Nearby P2P Devices (name, address)
  • Internal/External IP
  • Timezone (id, name)