Adaptive Account Recovery

In order to further increase the security of Automatic Account Recovery, Adaptive can be used to decide if the account recovery process shall be allowed or rejected, based on whether the new device is in a known and trusted environment or not. This is only possible after gathering enough information about the user’s environment, which may take a few weeks depending on the usage frequency.

The data that is collected and analyzed by Adaptive Account Recovery is described on the Adaptive data collection section.

Once Adaptive contains enough data to recognize the user environment, Adaptive Account Recovery will be able to validate if the device that is attempting the account recovery is in a familiar environment, and allow the migration to succeed, otherwise the account migration is rejected.

Backend Configuration

Before proceeding, the Automatic Account Recovery feature must be enabled for the specific service at Futurae Admin Futurae Admin » “Settings” » “Configuration”.

Additionally, the Adaptive Account Recovery SDK flag needs to be enabled. For more details contact Futurae Support at

SDK implementation

The instructions to implement Adaptive Account Recovery in apps that integrate the Futurae SDK can be found on the following pages:

Futurae app and whitelabel apps

The Futurae app supports Adaptive Account Recovery as a mechanism for the users to automatically recover their previously enrolled accounts. To add this feature to your whitelabel app, contact us at