Reduce Costs

  • Replace vunerable and expensive SMS codes
  • Drastically lower helpdesk costs with automatic fallbacks
  • Eliminate password reset pains with passwordless logins

Improve Customer Experience

  • Digitize customer onboarding
  • Enable secure passwordless logins
  • Branded solution integrated to native app via SDK

Simple Device Management

  • Support multiple devices per linked account
  • Cloud-based device migration and recovery
  • Quick and easy enrolment of users

Insurance Use Case

Insurance Customer Portal

Reduce helpdesk and support costs for insurance companies


Reduce High Authentication Overhead

A large health insurance with a self service customer portal was facing high costs and unreliability issues due to authentication through SMS (mTAN).

They were also considering trialing passwordless logins in the future, to reduce both support and authentication cost altogether. As cost and device migration were the main sticking points that needed to be addressed, they were looking for a provider offering an authenticator app which they would not need to maintain. The authenticator app also needed to be intuitive and user friendly to reduce the amount of helpdesk calls. Since they had users across all age ranges, they wanted to replace SMS codes with an authentication method that their users would still recognize from other services.


Ease of Enrolment and Migration
Secure App
Passwordless Option
Cheaper and More Secure than SMS

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