Stay Compliant

  • Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Multi-Layered Defense

  • Further securing sensitive patient data with step-up authentication in your users' journey even after login
  • Opt to add fingerprint scanning, Face ID or PIN as extra biometric authentication method on top

Easy to Use

  • Increase adoption with intuitive and user friendly solutions
  • One platform to integrate even in automating complex workflows
  • Mobile and not bound to workstation

Healthcare Use Case

Digital Health Information Exchange Service

Secure access to sensitive patient data


Meet Stringent Compliance Mandated Authentication While Maximizing Usability

Operating a business in one of the most regulated industries is already hard enough, ensuring that patient and sensitive data remain in the right hands is downright complicated. Their past authentication provider offered an SMS code but with NIST and other big organizations speaking to the lack of security of this method, they are looking to switch to more secure solutions with better usability. However, the new provider will need to be able to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when it comes to user access of patient data. A main requirement is also the option of having around the clock support from the new provider in case of any emergencies, as well as guarantees of robust and redundant cloud infrastructures.


Supports HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS compliance requirements
Reduce Help Desk Burden
24/7 Support
Migrate to More Secure Authentication Solutions from SMS (mTAN)

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