Financial Services

Improve Customer Experience

  • Enable user-friendly and secure authentication solutions through mobile authentication
  • Save costs on hardware tokens

Data Protection and Compliance

  • GDPR, PSD2
  • Strong Customer Authentication
  • Transaction Signing

Integration with IAM partners

  • Airlock suite by Ergon
2FA, MFA and transaction signing for banking applications

Financial Use Case 1

Retail Bank

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Innovative MFA suite for mobile first or web apps

Financial Use Case 2


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Financial Use Case 1

Retail Bank with E-Banking Portal

BAFIN, FINMA compliant strong customer authentication 2FA


Lower Authentication Overhead Costs and Improve Customer Experience

A traditional retail bank had in place a costly authentication solution for their login process to their e-banking system. The solution in place was authenticating via hardware token, in addition to user credentials. Not only did they have to procure large amount of hardware tokens annually, they also had high logistical costs to post these tokens when onboarding new customers and replace them whenever they get lost or run out of battery. Support costs to staff the help hotline was also very high since without access to their hardware tokens, customers would be locked out as their was not a fallback solution in place.

Looking to reduce overall costs incurred by this cumbersome authentication method, the bank was also hoping to replace it with that would allow them to reduce cost, but increase in usability and would decrease friction in the customer journey. With a mobile app in development, they decided to look for mobile authentication solution providers.


GDPR Compliant Vendor
User-friendly Mobile Solutions
Partnership with IAM provider
Managed On-Premise Deployment

Financial Use Case 2

Fintech B2B

User centric secure logins


Flexible and Scalable Solution and Cost Effective

A fintech has a web platform that they need to integrate 2FA to the login process. They want to present themselves as serious partners to corporate clients and take security as an added value. Since they only have a web application and are thinking of developing a mobile app down the line, they are looking for a vendor that offers a secure app that they would be able to use for the time being but still be able to customize it to look and feel like their brand. To not waste time and resources, they are also looking for a vendor that offers an SDK that they would be able to integrate once they are ready to develop their mobile app that they have in their roadmap.

As their corporate clients have different internal regulations, they are also looking for a provider that allows them set different solutions for the various clients. Since they are still growing, their user base is still small and do not want to pay a high fixed monthly amount for authentication, nor pay for every authentication performed.


GDPR Compliant Vendor
Secure App and also SDK Available
Innovative Solution
Cost Efficient

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