Use Cases

With Futurae's comprehensive and innovative secure authentication platform, we are able to cover use cases from a wide range of industries.

Making Your Use Case, the Best Case Possible

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, new threats and regulations are appearing. Futurae helps you strengthen your cybersecurity posture by protecting your users and their data. Strong encryption should be every industry's standard, as with 2FA for your users' accounts.
Futurae solutions are the perfect match across a wide range of industries:

Financial Services

In a highly regulated industry, choosing the right authentication partner is vital to help you support compliance and build customer trust, without compromising on user experience.

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Insurance customer portals contain vast amounts of sensitive data. Protect access to your platform against weak or stole passwords and lower support costs while you are at it.

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Support strong access control (in line with HIPAA) to allow for secure remote access to patient data. Helping you ensure that only authorized personnel, vendors and other third parties gain access.

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Protect personal student data and invaluable academic research. Secure authentication for your students and staff without them barely noticing with easy to use, mobile based solutions.

Technology & Telecom

Find the right balance between safeguarding sensitive data and usability. Customize solutions to your workflows with just one platform.


Increase brand perception by offering seamless authentication while meeting PCI DSS. Invisible 2FA was meant for cases like yours, strong trust and zero-friction or forgo passwords altogether.


Provide secure access to digital citizenship applications such as e-voting, filing taxes, or renewing identification online.


Streaming or digital media subscription providers have to balance securing media content and still ensure easy availability to users.


Future-proof authentication technologies are designed for optimal user experience and security standards - helping you to meet major online banking security directives as issued by the US Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Monetary Authority of Singapore, European Central Bank and Banking Authority and Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Among other regulatory guidelines, Futurae authentication platform supports companies with strong customer authentication outlined in PSD2 and GDPR, as well as PCI DSS or HIPAA in the healthcare sector.

Your Success is Our Success!

Find out how we were able to support our clients in putting their business first, all the while maintaining their strong security posture.

AMNIS - simplifies foreign exchange, international payments and collections for SMEs. The fully automated electronic platform gives clients access to a transparent fee schedule, smart automations and integrations.

The integration of the Futurae authentication solution was smooth and easy. Futurae enables an even more convenient client journey and moves our platform to the next security level.

Philippe Christen, CTO at AMNIS

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