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Online: the new default

Consumers' expectancy of a frictionless online retail experience is reaching new highs


Seamless transition to the online world

Digital Accounts

Users expect large retail shops to offer an online experience on-par, or sometimes better than the in-shop one: websites should load fast, mobile applications offer a great experience, and overall everything needs to work, all the time. Every user journey starts with an onboarding and continues, every time, with logins and transaction confirmations for sensitive operations.

Futurae enables unrivalled user experiences for retail:

  • Completely digital onboarding of the security element
  • Passwordless login for both the web and mobile apps
  • Fast, reliable, and secure transaction confirmation

Making sure users remember the great retail experience and not the inconveniences of interacting with your services online is what sets us apart from other vendors.

Get to know your users better

Through the extensiveness of the Futurae APIs, our customers enhance the know-how of their users. From user’s behaviours, access times, or possible locations, as well as a complete historic overview of the user’s development (additional devices being added to an account, partner devices, new environments, etc.) enables retailers to customize their user experience and their offerings to a specific user.

Streamlined user experiences

The Futurae APIs allow direct connectivity to all components of the retail experience.

  • Identity and Access Management: retailers can onboard and authenticate users effortlessly by implementing passwordless and device-only authentication
  • Loyalty Program: ensure that users earned points do not fall victim to fraud by securing any interaction with loyalty programs
  • Shared partner accounts: enable shared management of a user’s account by leveraging the multi-device features of the Futurae Authentication Platform
  • Secure sensitive operations: secure monetary transactions and any other sensitive operation such as an address or phone number change.

Thanks to its smart fallbacks capabilities, users are never left alone and can always complete the task they set their mind at. Ensuring that the most streamlined user experience can be achieved both on the web and mobile apps to cater to the widest possible audience.

Operational Excellence and Cost Leadership

SLAs that work for you

Futurae systems and backend engineers have designed and maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about it. With 24x7 healthcheck status monitoring provides its customers with the peace of mind to pass through peak load times unscathed. Lowering helpdesk load on average between 50% and 90%, Futurae proves to be the preferred solution to guarantee the right level of security while destressing the customers operations.

With geo-redundant data-centers, the cloud deployment remains online also in a catastrophic event. To further guarantee smoothness of operations, Futurae partners with Cloudflare world-class anti-DDOS protection solutions to absorb even the most sophisticated attacks and make sure that your services are not affected.

Scalable Business Model

Focusing on annualized MAUs (monthly active users) for its billing, Futurae provides budgeting security while at the same time enablling customers to scale up and down their costs and ensuring a complete alignment with the business goals

Compared to expensive SMS-based solutions, that require a charge for every SMS being sent, Future charges for an active user once they use the system at least once in a given month, irrespective of how many transactions they then perform in that month. Never pay for users that are not active, and don’t worry about the superusers that perform hundreds of transactions in a month.

Read more about Futurae pricing structure and get in contact with us for a customized quote tailored to your needs.


Leveraging Online and Offline

Account Consolidation

Retailers can combine different brands and services under a unified user experience. Futurae supports two models of operation:

  • SSO (Single Sign On): ensure your users have one account that can access multiple services offered by the same organization. Optimize one user experience across services and fully enable a one-brand-strategy
  • Service Separation: ensure your services maintain separate user accounts and potentially different user experiences to leverage the power of different brands within your ecosystem
  • Fast, reliable, and secure transaction confirmation

Futurae security engineers and business specialists can support you in choosing the best setup for your company, or also to work with both setups simultaneously.

An even more secure in-shop experience

By leveraging the linking between your user accounts and their security tokens, your customers can benefit from an enhanced security experience when interacting with your services.

  • Mutual helpdesk authentication: ensure that the helpdesk agent is talking with the correct user, and avoid helpdesk fraud
  • Confirmation for in-shop experiences: ensure the user can complete a sensitive operation in-shop (such as withdrawing or using their loyalty points) with a quick online authentication offered by their enrolled mobile device

With Futurae, we have found a partner that not only exceeds our expectations regarding seamless user authentication, but is also a pleasure to work with. The interactions are always straightforward and friendly

Dimitri Gougouli
Strategic Project Manager, Qonto


PSD2 Compliance from SMS to Futurae

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