Transaction Signing

Fully compliant with PCI DSS and PSD2 regulations, Futurae offers various transaction confirmation solutions that ensures a seamless experience for users.

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Putting User Experience at the Core of Secure Transactions

Users want to be able to securely authenticate their transaction with the least amount of friction. Eliminate entering cumbersome codes all together with Futurae's fast and easy transaction signing solutions.

PCI DSS and PSD2 conform authentication solutions for enterprises

Strong Customer Authentication

Two Solutions For Your Use Case

Confirmation of a transaction (financial transaction or operational transaction) with Futurae's One-Touch or Scan Code technology.

Easy Integration

Integrate user-friendly secure transaction approval solution with just one RESTful API. Cloud deployment ensures minimal maintenance cost, with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

End to End Encryption

Through our strongly encrypted transaction signing technology, Futurae supports compliance on all levels with highest standard of security.

Verifiable Transaction Logs

Verify all transactions by looking through the audit log on the administrative interface or by integrating it directly with your fraud detection solutions.


Transaction Signing Technologies


A push notification informs the user to authenticate their transaction. On the authenticator app, the user will be able to see full transaction details and approve or reject the transaction with just one tap.

Scan Code

The pending transaction generates a QR code on the screen for the user to scan on the secure mobile authenticator app. After scanning the QR code, the complete transaction details are displayed. In an online environment, user can either approve or deny the transaction. If offline, the user can enter a passcode to confirm their transaction.

Bank Grade Security

Strengthen your high value online and mobile transactions against Man in the Middle (MitM) and Man in the Browser (MitB) attacks.
Transaction signing delivers an additional layer of protection for out-of-band (OOB) validation for pending transactions, large or small.


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