One MFA suite for you to plug and play

Multi-Factor Authentication

Fully Customizable Authentication Combinations to Meet Your Business Needs

We know that there is no one-solution-fits-all. With our comprehensive portfolio of authentication solutions, you will be able to choose which make the most sense for your end-user.

Adaptive Authentication uses machine learning and futureproof technology that allows users to securely authenticate without any interruption to their user journey. With One-Touch, your user will be able to verify their action by simply approving push notifications sent to the Futurae secure mobile application.

Futurae also offers App Code (one-timed passcodes), Scan Code (QR codes), SMS Code and automated calls ensuring that you reach everyone in your user-base - whether health practitioners, college students or retirees.

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Single Device Authentication

Secure access to your mobile app with single device authentication. Fully integratable to your own authenticator app via SDK or opt for Futurae's authenticator app to offer solutions such as One-Touch to approve transactions, or step up security when a user tries to access or change sensitive information.

Strong authentication for mobile only applications
Authentication for skills on Alexa or Google Home devices

Smart Assistant Authentication

Smart home devices controlled by voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant which have access to sensitive information or perform purchasing actions, can be equipped with an additional layer of security. With our Smart Assistant Authentication solution, you can secure your skill with Adaptive Authentication allowing your users to verify the voice command without having to enter a code. Adaptive Authentication for Smart Assistants is also the perfect companion to authenticating in-car purchases and sensitive actions, hands-free and completely secure.

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Transaction Signing

Provide strong customer authentication with One-Touch or Scan Code, allowing users to easily approve transactions for secure and cashless purchases. With Futuraeā€™s authentication solutions, you can create user-friendly experiences to verify financial or medical orders, or confirm payments in a highly secure manner. The user will receive a push notification from the mobile authenticator app with complete details of the transaction. Alternatively, they can confirm the transaction simply scanning with the authenticator app the QR code on the screen.

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Customer authentication for online payments or bank transfers
Forgo traditional log in credentials by going passwordless

Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate the pains of weak passwords all together by replacing it with Futurae's One-Touch or Scan Code. Helpdesk calls and emails to reset passwords are a thing of the past. Available for both web and mobile. In lieu of entering a password a user simply clicks on "Approve" login or scans a QR code, making logins possible only through secure devices of choice, such as iPad, smartphone, or smart wathces.

Continuous Authentication

Highly secure a user session through continuous authentication that does not require additional interaction, leveraging the best of Adaptive technology. Adaptive Authentication will at continuous intervals securely authenticate the user. Should the user leave the session with their secure device, the user will automatically be logged out.

User authentication on a continuous basis

Success Story

ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency bringing security and transparency to a highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Backed by the Swiss Franc, ROCKZ is the first and only legally enforceable cryptocurrency in the world, providing its holders with full ownership over the collateralized assets.

We are proud to work with a Swiss solution developed by Futurae, which enables a reliable, intuitive and convenient client journey and moves our platform to the next security level.

Yassine Ben Hamida, CEO at Alprockz

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