Smart Assistant Authentication

Secure sensitive actions performed by smart speakers with a voice-assisted skill integration. Futurae has you future-ready.

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Your Brand is Only as Secure as Your Smart Assistant Skill

You wouldn't invite strangers into your home or car, so why should your users? Gain their trust in your voice-enabled assistant services with strong and frictionless authentication and strengthen your brand while you are at it.

Secure banking or ecommerce Alexa skills

Benefits of Smart Assistant Authentication

Tech Neutral

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice-enabled smart devices at home or in vehicles. Integrates to your skill.

Tailor the Sound to Your Business

Sound jingle or audio message that also acts as authentication factor is fully customizable to meet your business needs and build your brand.

Fallbacks and Transaction Signing

Wide range of fallback options and One-Touch for secure transaction confirmation.

Adaptive Authentication

Security in the Age of IoT

Frictionless Authentication Within Seconds

Secure your smart home voice-activated assistant skill with two factor authentication (2FA) that requires no extra action with the phone within seconds with Adaptive Authentication.

Developed by Leading Security Experts

Publicly-vetted, state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and protocols (TLS v1.2, AES 128-bit GCM). Comprehensive logging, monitoring, auditing and intrusion detection.

Save on Time and Support Cost

Eliminate long onboarding processes and false positives as training data is not required for this authentication method.

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