Authentication Platform

Innovate the way you secure sensitive customer data and transactions. Protect against access threats to your business, and verify user identity without compromising on customer experience.

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Developed for High Security, Designed for Optimal User Journey

The Futurae Authentication Platform provides a comprehensive platform for legacy, web and mobile applications. One platform with multiple solutions that can be used for MFA and transactions signing. Forget the days of being charged for every transaction or authentication, we charge per active user per month.

Multi-factor authentication suite for all types of devices
Multi-factor Authentication
Adaptive Authentication
Scan Code
App Code
SMS Code
Automated Call
Transaction Signing
Scan Code
Single Device Authentication
Adaptive Authentication
Passwordless Authentication
Adaptive Authentication
Scan Code

Frictionless Authentication that Users Want

Plug and Play

Modular solutions that you can define for your specific platform, application or user groups.

Automatic Fallbacks

Whether integrating through API or our web widget, you will be able to define fallback solutions in case the user is experiencing difficulty with the primary method.

Solution for Every User

Smartphone, feature phone or landline, we have the right solution to make sure that you can reach each and every one of your users.

Authentication Factors

Adaptive Authentication

An invisible line of defense that is completely secure through machine learning algorithms and context information. Zero-friction guaranteed.

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Using push notifications, users can authenticate or confirm a transaction by tapping approve on the mobile authenticator app.

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App Code

Timed One-Timed Passcodes (TOTP) are generated every 60 seconds on the mobile authenticator app allowing users to authenticate an action offline or off the grid.

Scan Code

By scanning a generated QR code with the secure mobile authenticator app, users will be able to log in or approve a transaction in a matter of seconds.

SMS Code

A timed security passcode will be delivered to the user via SMS that the user will need to enter in order to confirm their action.

Automated Call

An automated call will be made to the registered landline of the user to deliver a timed security passcode for the user to verify before proceeding.

Adaptive Authentication

Invisible and Seamless Secure Access

Innovate the customer journey and offer novel and future-proof technology to enhance the user experience. Authenticate a user within seconds without providing any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Suitable for web, mobile and smart voice-enabled devices.

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Adaptive mobile application authentication
Administrative platform to set up and manage users

Futurae Admin

Simplified User and Device Enrolment & Management

Manage your end-users and their devices on the Futurae Admin that is available as a standalone or can be integrated into your existing user management platform.

Verifiable Audit Logs and Custom Reports

AI-assisted Anti-Fraud Detection Technology

Machine learning at its best to help you detect fraudulent activities in real time.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate Futurae Authentication Platform with one simple RESTful API, or with the web widget developed through best practices compiled by our security engineers.

Futurae Web Integration

Integration in an hour with various customizable elements with the Futuare Web Widget.

API Integration

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iframe support for your authentication flow
Futurae mobile authenticator app

Futurae Mobile Authenticator App

The Futurae authenticator app enables your users to securely verify their identity by using their mobile device as an authentication factor. The app supports solutions from the Futurae Authentication Platform such as Adaptive Authentication, One-Touch, Scan Code, and App Code.

Customize the look and feel - add your logo and corporate colors

One app for their different secured services

Multiple devices associated to user account

Easy account recovery and device migration

Available On:

Futurae Mobile SDKs

The Futurae mobile SDKs for Android and iOS enable full customization and integration into an existing busines App or separate Secure App.

Supports all the authentication mechamisms available in the Futurae Platform

Supports multiple accounts

Completely customize the user flows, biometric checks, colors, display, and more

Futurae mobile SDKs

Scalable Authentication as a Service

Pay Only for What You Need

Our tiered scalable SaaS based model enables us to cater to growing start ups, and provide customized solutions for legacy systems and enterprises.

More Time for Your Business

Always stay ahead in updates and new features. Improve security and functionality while we manage it for you in the background.


Basic support is included in all tiers. Our security engineers maintain a strong SaaS infrastructure that integrates with existing on-premise apps or platforms.


One Platform to Meet Your Business Needs

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