Adaptive Authentication

Innovate the way you secure sensitive customer data and transactions. Protect against access threats to your business, and verify user identity without compromising on customer experience.

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Zero-Friction, 100% Secure

Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative security research, Adaptive Authentication is a game changer in the two factor authentication (2FA) landscape. Without any additional action required, the end-user can verify their identity thanks to the machine learning technology working in the background, and on their smartphones. Seamless fallback mechanisms ensure the user can always login securely.

Adaptive Authentication uses innovation and secure authentication technology

Benefits of Adaptive Authentication

Reduce Friction

The first touch point to a customer portal should be seamless and elegant. Secure authentication with invisible security that does not compromise on customer experience ensuring they can continue with business as usual.

Reduce Regulatory Risks

With new regulations in place to support strong user authentication and better data protection plans, our authentication portfolio will support you in being compliant.

Reduce Costs

A rapidly changing threat landscape means high development and maintenance costs of authentication solutions. Leave it to our top security engineers, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Completely Hands-Off

Available for web apps, mobile apps (iOS and android) and IoT devices. Use touchless technology an alternative to maintaining a password policy and go passwordless.

For an even more secure user session, Adaptive Authentication can be used to continuously authenticate the customer over the entire user session.

3 Pronged Approach

The Technology Behind It

Ambient Noise*

Ambient noise is recorded from the device the user is logging in from, and on their trusted device. The recording is then compared using machine learning algorithms to securely authenticate the user.


An ultrasound wave is emitted from the device that the user is completing the log in. If successfully matched by the trusted device, the user will be granted access to the platform.

Contextual Enhanced Sensors

Innovative technology from ETH Zurich security researchers using context information to verify the locality of a user, whether they are in a 'safe' environment with their trusted device to authenticate their sensitive action.

*Recordings to perform Adaptive Authentication are only of ambient, background noise. These recordings are fully encrypted and not stored on servers or devices, offering complete security and compliance to privacy.


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