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Payment Services

Lower friction, increase speed

The requirements for successfully processing credit card transactions are extremely stringent: speed, security, and scalability to manage peak requests


Prevent fraud, not honest purchases


When shopping online there’s nothing worse than being robbed of the expectations of prompt shipping and receiving the goods in time after finding the right item, at the right price, and proceeding with filling in all the required details -- simply because the payment does not go through.

Payment processors implement a sleuth of solutions to combat fraud, from behaviour-based risk-based analysis, all the way to mandatory approval requests to the users for potentially risky transactions. Futurae supports payment processors with the fastest push notifications available, and the right smart fallbacks to ensure that every legitimate payment is processed swiftly, and every fraudulent one is blocked in time.

Risk-analysis Enhancement

Through the comprehensiveness of the Futurae APIs, our customers enhance their fraud-detection engines. Integrating a wide variety of signals (such as mobile device status, IPs, multi-signal contexts) into existing state-of-the-art solutions enables the reduction of fraud cases that can be handled without having to rely on user interaction.

Prevent account takeovers

Attacks against payment providers don’t only happen at the time of purchase. Often attackers rely on usability inefficiencies in the processes around user onboarding or device migration to impersonate users and steal the victim’s security token. Active phishing (when the adversary has an open channel, such as an ongoing call to the victim) is the most common way to make the user reveal sensitive information required during the onboarding of the secure token.

Futurae enables customers to implement flexible processes that leverage modern technologies (such as magic links) to thwart active phishing attacks. Adaptive authentication further makes remote impersonation attacks extremely inefficient and complex for attackers: leveraging the user context Futurae allows for re-onboarding and device migrations only when the user’s phone can prove to be in a safe environment unknown to the attacker.

Load at peak times

Scalable Platform

Users behaviours can be unpredictable, yet increased transactions on Black Friday, or Christmas, put a strain on payment processors infrastructure. It is of paramount importance that the authentication and transaction confirmation provider offers a scalable platform.

Futurae cloud deployment, with 24x7 health check status monitoring provides its customers with the peace of mind to pass through peak load times unscathed. Lowering helpdesk load on average between 50% and 90%, Futurae proves to be the preferred solution to guarantee the right level of security while destressing the customers operations.

Scalable Business Model

Focusing on annualized MAUs (monthly active users) for its billing, Futurae provides budgeting security while at the same time enabling customers to scale up and down not only with the infrastructure requirements but also with their costs and ensuring a complete alignment with the customer’s business goals.

Futurae charges for an active user once they use the system at least once in a given month, irrespective of how many transactions they then perform in that month. Never pay for users that are not active, and don’t worry about the superusers that perform hundreds of transactions in a month, thanks to uncapped authentication requests. Read more about Futurae's pricing structure and get in contact with us for a customized quote tailored to your needs.

BCM and Anti-DDOS Protection

Ensuring the smooth operation of your infrastructure in non-adversarial settings can sometimes be a daunting task. Futurae systems and backend engineers have designed and maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Despite potential adversarial conditions the Futurae Authentication Platform remains a reliability guarantee for your operations. With geo-redundant data-centers, the cloud deployment remains online also in a catastrophic event. To further guarantee smoothness of operations, Futurae partners with Cloudflare world-class anti-DDOS protection solutions to absorb even the most sophisticated attacks and make sure that your services are not affected.

Security-first Product

Privacy by design

Futurae minimizes the processing and storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). There’s no reliance on clients’ biometric data to be stored centrally.

Fully compliant with stringent regulations

Futurae uses European, ISO-certified, PCI/DSS-compliant, geo-redundant data centers close to each customer jurisdiction. Futurae solutions are PSD2/SCA compliant and can be used in conjunction with 3DSv2 for credit card transactions.

Security measures & controls

Futurae security guarantees exceed industry best practices. For instance, recurring pentests are made available to customers (as part of the Premium and Enterprise Support packages), and customers can mandate their own pentests and audits. Read more about Futurae security practices.


With Futurae, we have found a partner that not only exceeds our expectations regarding seamless user authentication, but is also a pleasure to work with. The interactions are always straightforward and friendly

Dimitri Gougouli
Strategic Project Manager, Qonto


PSD2 Compliance from SMS to Futurae

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