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Authentication Methods

The door to all your digital services

You know your users better than anyone else. We make sure that for every user group you can implement the best experience from the login onwards.


Focus on user experience

User-first focus

on all interactions: web and app logins, transaction confirmation, authorization of sensitive operations, helpdesk authentication

Intuitive touchpoints

for a variety of users: tech-savvy, irregular, corporate, those that do not wish to use their mobile devices

For every user interface & technology agnostic

suitable for mobile, web (laptop and desktop), tablets, smart home devices

Focused on the corner cases

where friction and frustration become apparent

Available factors

Methods Showcase

One-Touch (Push)

Using push notifications, users authenticate or confirm a transaction by tapping approve on the mobile authenticator app.


By scanning a generated QR code with the secure mobile authenticator app or hardware token, users login or approve a transaction in a matter of seconds.


An invisible line of defense that is completely secure through machine learning algorithms and the deep context graph. Zero-friction guaranteed.

App-Code (TOTP)

Timed One-Timed Passcodes (TOTP) are generated every 30 seconds on the mobile authenticator app or hardware token allowing users to authenticate an action offline or off the grid.


Support for roaming and platform authenticators for every web interaction suitable for passwordless and phishing prevention.


The user enters a timed security passcode that is sent to them via SMS in order to confirm their action.


Corner Cases

Migrating to a new smartphone

  • Users change their smartphone every 2 years
  • 95% of users are logged out of their accounts after changing smartphones
  • A typical tier 1 bank receives +75k helpdesk calls a year from frustrated users

Automatic Token Recovery

Futurae customers benefit from the Automatic Recovery feature, leveraging cloud-based techniques to instantly restore user’s accounts when they buy a new smartphone.

Corner Cases

Smooth authentication for offline users

We build all our systems with all the necessary precautions and following the best industry standards, such as the OWASP security engineering guidelines. But there’s no better way to test a system than getting the real bad guys to break it. Futurae routinely mandates third parties to perform gray-box pen-testing on all our systems:

  • 17% of authentication attempts with legacy products fail
  • 5% of users suffer from reception issues
  • 83% of users check their ebanking while travelling

Smart Fallback

Futurae customers benefit from the flexibility and tight integration of multiple online and offline methods that can be carefully combined to make sure that users always access their services.


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