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Version 1.2

To support delivery of our Services, Futurae Technologies AG (‘Futurae’) may engage and use data processors with access to certain Customer Data (each, a ‘Subprocessor’). This page provides important information about the identity, location* and the role of each Subprocessor. Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in the EULA (or to the extent the Customer has entered into bespoke terms, the superseding written agreement between the Customer and Futurae (the ‘Agreement’).

*Please note that if a customer has purchased an offering with different storage or processing locations, the location and service provider will be in accordance with the specific Futurae product offering.

Third parties

Futurae currently uses third-party Subprocessors to provide infrastructure services, and to help provide customer support and email notifications. Prior to engaging any third-party Subprocessor, Futurae performs diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and executes an agreement implementing those obligations.


Futurae may use the following Subprocessors to host Customer Data or provide other infrastructure which helps with delivery of our Services:

Entity name Purpose of processing Location of Subprocessors More details
Google Cloud EMEA Limited Futurae services: Third-party hosting provider EU, Switzerland Customers may select a data region where available
Google LLC Cloud service provider US [Analytics, ] Email and push notifications sent by the Futurae services are powered by Google Cloud
Akenes SA Futurae services: Third-party hosting provider EU, Switzerland Hosting provider for legacy non-core Services only - in course of being completely decommissioned


Futurae may use the following Subprocessors to perform other Services functions:

Entity name Purpose of processing Location of Subprocessors
Cloudflare, Inc. WAF,Anti-DDoS** Global
LINK Mobility Poland sp.zo.o. SMS API*** Poland
Zendesk, Inc. Third-party service provider of customer support tools US

**Note that if it is described as ‘Global’ in the table, it may process data in any country, regardless of a Customer’s location, to better support end users of the Services (i.e., provide the fastest connection route available to the end user).
***Short Messaging Service Application Programming Interface (SMS API) provides the interconnect between Futurae Services and relevant SMS functionality, enabling the Services to send SMS to end users where applicable.


As the business develops and evolves, the Subprocessors which we engage with may also change. We will endeavor to provide the Customer with notice of any new Subprocessors to the extent required under the Agreement, along with posting relevant updates on this page. Please check back frequently for any updates.