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Product Update

Improved Security Coming Your Way: Futurae Releases Two New Features For Authentication

Two new features are available this September as part of the latest Mobile SDK Release. These allow businesses to better control their authentication processes and provide a more streamlined and distraction-free experience for their users: Custom App PINs and Custom Unlock Duration.

Custom App PIN

The Custom App PIN

Nowadays, devices are usually protected with biometric authentication, codes, or screen locks. While these provide an adequate level of security, businesses with their own Android or iOS applications cannot perform security and control checks on these security measures. A customer could therefore choose a very easy-to-guess combination of 1-1-1-1 or 1-2-3-4 for their device, which may not comply with standard business requirements.

The newly released Custom App PIN protects business applications by adding an additional step to the authentication process. The PIN, if enabled, is fully configurable to match compliance requirements. Businesses can define the minimum code length, among other guidelines, and prevent customers from choosing an easy-to-guess code. Since the cryptographic key is validated in the Futurae backend and not on the user’s device, brute force attacks are prevented. In addition, the Custom App PIN can be paired with biometric authentication for a refined customer experience.

Custom Unlock Duration

While modern authentication methods like push notifications, fingerprint readers, or biometric authentication make authentication convenient, they add friction to any process especially when required numerous times. As a result, multiple authentications leave customers unsatisfied regardless of the method used.

With the newly introduced Custom Unlock Duration feature, businesses can now configure a time frame during which no subsequent authentication requests are sent. In other words, customers only need to authenticate themselves once in a specified timeframe, for instance 150 seconds. This allows users to perform multiple tasks, such as signing into an application and then confirming a transaction in one go: something that would normally require two authentication approvals in a short period of time.

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