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The leading solution that helps your customers to recover their accounts on new devices. Secure, fast, convenient.

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Recover your MFA accounts with one tap


Switching phones has never been easier

The majority of users change their smartphone every two years. 95% of them lose access to their MFA tokens in the process. Thanks to our instant Account Recovery solution, your users never have to worry about losing access to your digital service.


Free your support team of the recovery ticket burden

Roughly 40% of all support tickets are related to MFA recovery, login issues or device changes. Offer your users a self-service recovery solution which requires no further action from your support team.


Futurae consists of a highly talented and committed team that delivers its promises with their innovative AI enhanced authentication portfolio.

Andy Iten

Senior Product Manager, Six Group


Account recovery made simple

Changing devices is frustrating. Your users need to locate the initial activation code which is often difficult to find again. As a result, users call the helpdesk team who issue a new activation code, whether by phone, email, or post.

With Futurae Account Recovery you can wave goodbye to tedious recovery processes and spare your helpdesk team. The solution securely migrates your users' old authentication tokens to their new device in seconds. Based on your risk levels, you can either choose Adaptive Account Recovery with enhanced context-based security or Automatic Account Recovery with customizable security options.


Two ways to solve one problem


Automatic Account Recovery

Automatically recover your MFA accounts when switching to a new smartphone with Futurae's Automatic Account Recovery. Swiftly integrated, the solution provides best-in-class user experience while reducing the amount of support tickets and their associated costs by up to 40%. Once enabled, you simply download the respective authenticator (WhiteLabel App or SDK enabled mobile app). Upon opening the app, the users are then prompted to recover their accounts.


Adaptive Account Recovery

Adaptive Account Recovery strengthens the migration process with an additional layer of security called Adaptive Authentication. The account recovery is only executed if adaptive evaluates the user's context to be secure. This adds an invisible line of defense that prevents malicious attempts and further secures the recovery procedure. Let your customers enjoy secure account recovery without any additional touchpoints with your support team.


Security at its core

Our Account Recovery solution is built with security in mind from the ground up. Based on the risk profile of your business, you can enhance the solution with additional security features. With Adaptive Authentication the account recovery is only performed if the user's context is evaluated to be secure. The context data is thereby always stored and secured in a privacy-preserving way on Swiss servers.

Other security features may require the submission of a custom PIN or limit the number of authentication attempts to a set threshold. This prevents fraudulent activities during the recovery process even if the cloud access was compromised.

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