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Increased usage of the Insurance Mobile App

Reduce friction and increase usage of your mobile App across all your innovative insurance products


Accelerate mobile App adoption

Security drives mobile App downloads

Make sure your users are offered a state-of-the-art security solution, in conjunction with unrivalled user experience through Futurae One-Touch and smart fallbacks. By integrating the Futurae Mobile SDKs in your Insurance mobile App, your users will be required to download the mobile App, driving engagement and enabling new mobile-first services to see increased adoption.

Insurance customers have reported a 40% increase in mobile App adoption across their user base following the migration from SMS messages to app-based authentication solutions.

Seamless experience for the mobile App

By integrating the Futurae mobile SDKs right into the insurance mobile app, you can ensure the most smooth authentication experience for all your users. Simply let the user enter their credentials on first use, and let the cryptographic signing performed by the mobile SDK in collaboration with the Futurae backend do the rest. The user is authenticated within seconds without having to wait for SMS messages.

Adding a biometric check before the authentication can proceed is also an easy step, which strikes the right amount of convenience and security for your users.

The future is passwordless

Irregular users are the most hit by the “password reset saga” issue. As they seldom access online services, they tend to forget their credentials and have to reset them almost every time they actually want to use your innovative online insurance products.

By implementing passwordless authentication from Futurae, your users will be able to always log in without having to remember any password. Simply enable passwordless authentication by integrating One-Touch (Push) or QR-Codes. Insurances have seen a reduction of up to 80% of password reset requests, on average, when migrating their users to a passwordless solution.

Make SMS the fallback option

SMS-based authentication is still one of the most popular ways to authenticate users, especially across insurance providers: the problem is that it’s insecure and unreliable.

The Futurae Platform enables a migration from SMS-based authentication to just a fallback option. Choose from push-based methods, or TOTP as fallbacks and enable your solution architects and engineers to focus on your product while implementing state-of-the-art security solutions for your users.


Claim management: fast, easy and secure

Fast claim management

Enable quick forms fill-out by securely protecting your users personal information with the latest 2FA solutions available on the market. Users can authenticate in seconds and have their claims pre-filled with their data, thanks to Futurae intuitive user authentication methods. One-Touch (Push) and TOTP are the most commonly used methods in the Insurance world, replacing outdated and insecure SMS-based solutions.

Secure claim fulfillment

When your customers are done filling the claim forms, you can quickly verify that they are ready to proceed. Futurae products (One-Touch (Push), QR-Code, Offline QR-Code) allow for a quick verification to be performed whatever the backend is: from standard insurance portals, all the way to manual processes driven by Salesforce or similar tools, Futurae APIs allow for seamless integration and the best usability for your users.


Security-first Product

Privacy by design

Futurae minimizes the processing and storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). There’s no reliance on clients’ biometric data to be stored centrally.

Fully compliant with stringent regulations

Futurae uses European, ISO-certified, PCI/DSS-compliant, geo-redundant data centers close to each customer jurisdiction. Futurae solutions are PSD2/SCA compliant and can be used in conjunction with 3DSv2 for credit card transactions.

Security measures & controls

Futurae security guarantees exceed industry best practices. For instance, recurring pentests are made available to customers (as part of the Premium and Enterprise Support packages), and customers can mandate their own pentests and audits. Read more about Futurae security practices.


With Futurae, we have found a partner that not only exceeds our expectations regarding seamless user authentication, but is also a pleasure to work with. The interactions are always straightforward and friendly

Dimitri Gougouli
Strategic Project Manager, Qonto


PSD2 Compliance from SMS to Futurae

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