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Témoignage de Client

Esprit banks leverage extensive portfolio of Futurae for heterogeneous client base

Started in 2004, Esprit Netzwerk is a banking network of 26 regional members. The network acts as an IT service provider for small and medium-sized banks and financial service providers. Besides providing an efficient banking platform they advise on technology, security, and stability.

Esprit Netzwerk

Meeting a heterogeneous client base requirement

“We selected Futurae’s innovative solutions because they provide cybersecurity paired with simplicity to improve customer experience and effectively met the heterogeneous requirements of the different banks.” -Simon Munzinger, Product Manager at Esprit Netzwerk AG

In 2020, Esprit with its network of 26 member banks partnered with Futurae to implement a portfolio of innovative authentication solutions to increase security for their users. Futurae helps the network operate smoothly by providing solutions catered to all member needs while ensuring low user friction. From traditional to irregular or tech-savvy banks, Futurae serves the network with multiple options. Anything from Hardware Tokens that are often used by corporate banks to Mobile Authentication for banks that have moved to mobile apps.

Deep integration, easy roll-out

“We were impressed with the fast solution delivery within our customer IT ecosystem. Despite the range of products, Futurae managed to integrate security solutions while preserving frictionless user experience.” -Simon Munzinger, Product Manager at Esprit Netzwerk AG

Futurae has outstanding product-level integration, whether concerning core banking, e-banking, identity access management, and more. For example, Futurae’s integration with the Airlock 2FA (second-factor authentication) supports Esprit to seamlessly integrate Futurae with existing systems and products. As a result, Esprit can focus on maintaining a steady operation of its business knowing that Futurae takes care of security and reliability for their users. Futurae’s friendly and expert team stands ready to support Esprit and their existing product partnerships.

More savings

Of all help desk calls received by financial service providers in Switzerland, 40% are on average related to login issue problems, on-boarding, or changing of devices. According to Gartner, a 5 minute call can cost on average 25 Swiss Francs, which easily adds up to half a million Francs if the bank receives just 20,000 calls a year.

With Futurae’s integrated and seamless security solutions, the Esprit network thrives as costs are vigorously cut or optimized and the number of user support tickets falls. You can read more about authentication and transaction confirmation support costs on our blog post.

Esprit can rely on Futurae’s engineering team to manage all authentication or security questions and 24/7 friendly support while users thrive from seamless logins.