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Press Release

Now Yapeal Customers Are Secure, Enjoying Futurae's Strong Authentication

The new challenger in the financial industry Yapeal stands for simple modern banking of the future, which sets new standards in terms of IT and usability. For highest security, Yapeal relies on Futurae’s two-factor authentication platform.

Yapeal, the first Swiss account with Finma Fintech license is online. The company offers a purely digital financial solution, a “digital wallet”. This includes a directly connected account with personalizable IBAN, a VISA debit card and an app that processes transactions in real time, completely digital without the involvement of a third party bank; the card is also issued directly by Yapeal without a third party - in other words, everything is directly from a single source; a benefit a user can feel directly.

The security of its services is ensured by the YAPEAL Shield App, which is based on a consistent end-to-end concept with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies from the Swiss cybersecurity company Futurae Technologies. In simple words: no SMS or phototan or similar is needed; when using the app, authentication happens seamlessly and in the background enhanced with Face-ID or fingerprint; in other words, “super smooth”.

Futurae was founded by members of the Systems Security Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich with the goal of making the authentication process more user-friendly and secure for users and organizations. The platform consists of a modular authentication platform, offering full flexibility to organizations and protecting the privacy of users.

Futurae combines security and usability with its innovative technologies. These technologies complement our in-house tech stack". - Christian Meier, CIO Yapeal

Sandra Tobler, co-founder and CEO of Futurae, adds: “We are excited to secure Yapeal’s wallet since it’s in-house IT stack and possibilities that arise for the customers are unique”.


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