KuppingerCole’s newest report on “Passwordless Authentication for Consumers” includes FUTURAE! The right time to integrate the future is now. Start here!

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Scaling together with you

Security, scalability, and reliability are among every fintechs’ management top-of-mind concerns. Leave these at the door with Futurae


Best Digital Experience

By integrating the Futurae Mobile SDK into your fintech mobile application, or into a security-critical application you can continue onboarding your users fully digitally without breaking the digital medium: finalize the enrollment of the security element all within your apps.

One App

The Futurae mobile SDK can be used for 2FA, web-based passwordless setups, and transaction confirmations. Read how Qonto has implemented a PSD2/SCA compliant solution with a single mobile App.

Two Apps

For improved security, you can implement a two-apps approach. Yapeal implements KYC and 2FA and transaction confirmation using two mobile apps and keeping all the security functionalities shielded out of the business app.

The Partner for Scaling

Swift integration

Futurae engineers have built from the ground up a tech stack with the latest technological innovations. The backend is extremely scalable and extensible, making sure that your engineers can integrate the Futurae APIs as quickly and easily as possible. The record is 6 days!

Executing at speed

From first contact to signed contract in less than 1 month. And all the while the Futurae Platform goes under scrutiny about data protection regulation and security guarantees. Speed is everything for your company, and so it is for us: get ready to use the Futurae APIs in less than 20 minutes!

Price that scales

As your usage goes through the roof, it’s not only important to scale up infrastructure: costs need to remain under control. With a flexible pricing model, which charges you only for active users irrespective of usage, you’re confident to stay in budget and lower costs compared to SMS messages.

Make SMS the fallback option

SMS-based authentication is still one of the most popular ways to authenticate users, especially across insurance providers: the problem is that it’s insecure and unreliable.

The Futurae Platform enables a migration from SMS-based authentication to just a fallback option. Choose from push-based methods, or TOTP as fallbacks and enable your solution architects and engineers to focus on your product while implementing state-of-the-art security solutions for your users.

Follow the unicorns

The Futurae authentication stack is securing some of the fastest growing unicorns. Join the likes of Scalable.capital, Qonto, and VivaWallet to bring the best user experience and security to your users around the world.


With Futurae, we have found a partner that not only exceeds our expectations regarding seamless user authentication, but is also a pleasure to work with. The interactions are always straightforward and friendly

Dimitri Gougouli
Strategic Project Manager, Qonto


PSD2 Compliance from SMS to Futurae

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