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Product Update

New Phone? Recover Your Accounts Swiftly And Securely With Adaptive Account Recovery

Futurae’s innovative feature, Adaptive Account Recovery, solves one of the biggest authentication pain points for businesses and users alike; switching to a new smartphone. With further security enhancement, users will receive a seamless user experience while being protected by modern security structures. Adaptive Account Recovery complies with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and other cybersecurity legislation.

Adaptive Account Recovery

Futurae helps businesses remove friction and make account recovery seamless for users while eliminating significant operational helpdesk costs.

With Adaptive Account Recovery, Futurae helps businesses reduce helpdesk calls by 40%. Customers can recover accounts by themselves in less than five seconds instead of seeking help from a call center agent.

A major cost driver for companies is when users switch to a new smartphone. This happens on average every second year. During traditional account recovery, two-factor authentication tokens remain in the old phone and become inaccessible on the new one. The old-school way of restoring an account is by re-using the onboarding letter. However, we’re no longer used to keeping physical documents in today’s digital world. If the user misplaces the letter during onboarding or loses it, the journey of regaining account access quickly becomes an odyssey. The user has to call the helpdesk, the agent initiates a new letter, and days pass until the letter arrives.

The result is high operational costs for the company and frustrated customers by being excluded from online services.

Goodbye old phone. Hello account recovery in seconds!

With Adaptive Account Recovery, the user benefits from performing the account recovery within seconds with just the new device. No need for the old smartphone or onboarding letters! An aspect that is especially important when the old phone gets stolen or is fully broken. The user logs in and authenticates as if it were the old device. The Futurae Platform performs security checks in the meantime. The innovative solution reduces the process from several days to just a few seconds, allowing users to recover accounts independently of the helpdesk.

Enhanced security using machine learning

The adaptive part of the account recovery process enhances security by taking into account the users’ contexts to model security decisions. For example, people tend to spend most of their time at home or work, while they are less likely to be found, for instance, at coffee shops. The probability that a person will go to a given location depends on the person’s current state or context (read a more technical article on how adaptive modeling works here). Adaptive account recovery eases user friction by requiring less information or actions in already proven reliable situations. If the user is at home, this context (based on a wide range of signals) is deemed reliable. Only if the circumstance is unidentified or suspicious does the adaptive model make it necessary to ask for more information. By delegating decision-making to AI and machine learning, the user benefits from enhanced security and greater accessibility. Meanwhile, businesses have the freedom to consult with Futurae and adjust the security model to their needs.

The Adaptive Account Recovery feature complies with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and other cybersecurity legislation and helps businesses take steps towards modern and innovative authentication solutions. Businesses give their customers the best security solutions and seamless user experience while benefiting from significant operational cost reductions while not having to worry about meeting legislative requirements.

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