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Futurae - enabling trust and invisible security for your users on all devices and applications. Strong customer authentication (SCA) made easy.

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With Futurae MFA solutions, you can confidently offer your users the choice of their preferred secure authentication method. Whether securing user accounts, step up security, payment verification or eliminating passwords all together - pick and choose from our platform integratable through our RESTful API or Futurae Web

User-friendly authentication solutions that end-users actually want to use

Modular authentication platform through one RESTful API or web widget

Easy to onboard and manage users and devices

Per active user per month/ as many authentications as needed


Multi-factor Authentication Platform

Password alone are no longer enough to protect against hackers
(2FA, MFA, Transaction Signing, Passwordless Logins)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security for users when logging into your digital platform. Reduce risk and fraud of credential stuffing, showcase your strong security posture with our user friendly MFA suite delivered via the Futurae secure mobile authenticator app. Discover why Futurae is named by Gartner as Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management.

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Multi-factor authentication platform for all types of devices

Our Innovation

Adaptive Authentication for Easy and Secure Access

Adaptive Authentication enables users to always authenticate securely to Web or Mobile Apps, in a seamless way. The novel authentication solution enhanced with sensor technology migh work like magic but there is bank-grade technology behind it. Using machine learning algorithm and research from globally top-ranking university in the field of computer science, ETH Zurich, Adaptive Authentication combines best in class technology to provide invisible authentication with seamless fall back mechanisms for end users.

Perfect seamless authentication for modern mobile only apps, or web apps. Securing banking skills and sensitive actions on your Smart Speakers skills for Alexa or Google Home devices.

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Adaptive Authentication is definitely a lot easier to deal with than traditional two-factor.

Mariella Moon, Engadget

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