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Admin Dashboard

Users, devices, and settings all in one place

Manage separate backend environments, their setups and maintain a birds eye view on your users and their devices


Reduced complexity for your administrators


Infinite Environments

Every organization is run like no other. The Futurae Admin Dashboard allows your administrators to set up as many environments as they need. From business-level application separation (different applications you offer to your customers) to per-application separation (development, test, and production environment).

Single-App, Multi-App bindings

Mobile and backend engineers and architects can design their preferred solution and manage the tradeoffs between complete separation and ease of development. Each environment is then bound to a specific instance of a WhiteLabel app or mobile SDK integration (such that an internal development build cannot be used in production, for instance). Alternatively, multiple environments can be linked to the same mobile App, so that mobile engineers use one App to test different integrations.


Management and Support

The Futurae Admin Dashboard is used to manage services, users, and devices as well as empower helpdesk agents with common operations such as remotely revoking access for a user’s lost device, or creating a new enrollment code for a user. Accessing the Futurae Admin Dashboard enables company administrators to manage multiple instances and invite collaborators across organizations and services with specific access control policies.

Tailored to your needs

Features Overview

The Futurae Admin Dashboard is feature rich with functionality for the initial setup as well as day-to-day operations. Some of the most used features include:

  • RBAC-based access control for admin users (organization owners, service administrators, service support personnel)
  • Integrated and self-managed access control for collaborators
  • Environment creation and configuration
  • Tight integration with the support management platform
  • Users management
  • Device management
  • User’s level operations history
  • Usage statistics
  • Billing management
  • Costs forecast and overview

Admin API

APIs for integration

All functionalities available in the Admin Dashboard are accessible through the Futurae Admin APIs. The API-first approach used by Futurae enables you to integrate advanced administrative functionality directly in your existing management interfaces. Use the APIs to, for instance:

  • Bulk edit users and devices
  • Retrieve detailed statistics on your users and their devices
  • Automated Token Migration
  • Retrieve relevant information for displaying in your admin tools
  • Retrieve user history details online to feed into your risk-analysis framework
  • Assign hardware tokens to specific users ahead of delivery

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