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Customer Story

YAPEAL securely connects the ecosystem players thanks to Futurae

YAPEAL is a Swiss fintech offering mobile-first banking solutions for both individual and enterprise customers. Started in 2018, they began with products such as the “digital wallet” and evolved to an ecosystem-first approach to banking.


Complementing in-house tech stack

YAPEAL partnered with Futurae to implement solutions to move away from passwords to trusted and invisible mobile security solutions. By integrating the Futurae Mobile authentication into their existing YAPEAL Shield app, YAPEAL’s digital business is benefiting from smoother and more secure Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

“Futurae combines security and usability with its innovative technologies. These technologies complement our in-house tech stack”. -Christian Meier, CIO at YAPEAL

Seamless user experience in an ecosystem

YAPEAL offers not only a digital platform, but a community for its users. With Futurae Mobile Authentication YAPEAL can ensure the highest protection for this community across platforms and products. Examples of the multitude of YAPEAL products include accounts with personalized IBANs, VISA debit cards, and transaction processing in real time - all without a third party and directly from a single source. Futurae is able to implement its Mobile Authentication solution for the users across the various platforms in a smooth and invisible way.

YAPEAL aims to enhance unique customer experience throughout everyone’s daily lives, by building a sustainable ecosystem that adds value that goes beyond financial services. Indeed, YAPEAL is not alone in this desire: one way Futurae helps achieve this is to provide value creation across their ecosystem of partners and products. Futurae provides a flexible authentication service that enables YAPEAL to provide its services across multiple partners in the ecosystem. How? By integrating the identity and authentication management system within the YAPEAL Shield App. The ecosystem benefits from this tight integration of security services, while the partners focus on where they add the most value: their products and customers.

Similarly, Futurae achieves a seamless user experience for YAPEAL’s logins with its mobile only secure solution. YAPEAL benefits from Futurae’s solutions that saves their users energy and time. The result is higher customer satisfaction without compromising on security. Read more about how Futurae solves authentication corner cases, such as account migration problems in our blog post.

Scalability to no end!

“With Futurae we can grow our platforms and products and not worry about security or multiplying costs. Futurae’s scalable mobile authentication solutions with a favourable pricing system ensures that our ecosystem can grow while staying utterly secure." -Christian Meier, CIO at YAPEAL

Yapeal foresees a bright future, especially thanks to Futurae’s security solutions that can be seamlessly adopted across platforms and vendors. The flexible monthly automatic license management ensures Yapeal that there is no limit to security during growth. With Futurae’s strong engineering team and friendly 24/7 support service Yapeal can grow their products leaving security or cost-related worries at the door.