We are a team of dedicated international information security experts, software engineers and business enablers.

Cybersecurity Expert, PhD from ETHZ in Systems Security

Claudio focuses on business development and technology. Claudio holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in Computer Science and is an expert in Mobile Security.

Dr. Claudio Marforio

Co-founder & COO

Seasoned Business Lead in the IT sector

Sandra focuses on strategy and business development. Sandra has years of experience in IBM and S-GE and brings an extensive US and CH network.

Sandra Tobler

Co-founder & CEO

Cybersecurity Expert with PhD from ETHZ. USENIX presenter of SoundProof

Nikos focuses on research and development of Futurae innovative technology and security. Nikos holds a PHD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Dr. Nikos Karapanos

Co-founder & CTO

Chief Marketing Officer

Gaetano focuses on marketing and partners management and has years of experience in communication, digital/content marketing and change management. He is a speaker and lecturer at ZHAW.

Gaetano Mecenero

Head of Marketing

ETHZ Senior Engineer

Ilias focuses on developing Futurae backend as well as contributing to Android and testing. Ilias holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Ilias Rinis

Lead Engineer

Cybersecurity Interaction Designer

Artemis studied Product and System Design Engineering at the University of Aegean and gained further experience in 3D graphics at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. With a strong background as a UX/UI designer from many creative agencies, she also worked as an art director.

Artemis Tsagari

UX/UI Designer

ETHZ Senior Engineer

Yorgos manages the development of Futurae mobile applications. He has many years of experience on mobile development. Yorgos holds an MSc in Distributed & Multimedia Information Systems from Heriot-Watt University.

Yorgos Galyfos

Lead Mobile Engineer


Jorge focuses on bringing new authentication technologies to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and in the banking sector in LATAM.

Jorge Bobadilla


Board Member, AVP Axa Venture Partners

François is Managing Partner of AXA Venture Partners. His extensive knowledge, network and truly innovative mindset are a key component to detect, select and support portfolio companies, making the fund a unique strategic asset for startups.

François Robinet

Board Member

Board Member, DIventure and Yapeal CEO

Thomas serves as CEO of DiVentures, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage FinTech, RegTech, and InsureTech startups. He is also a co-founder of Yapeal and served as COO of Safe Swiss Cloud AG. Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in the financial service IT industry.

Thomas Hilgendorff

Board Member

Member of Advisory Board, Head Legal EMEA at Box

David is a lawyer/MBA with 10 years of experience in both the U.S. and European SaaS markets. He is passionate about Legaltech and interested in everything that makes contracts, negotiations and transactions smarter.

David Buser


Member of Advisory Board, ML Expert

Srdjan advises Futurae on Machine Learning and Fraud detection mechanisms. He holds a PHD from Imperial College London and has many years of experience in massively scalable distributed systems.

Dr. Srdjan Marinovic


Member of Advisory Board, Professor at ETH Zurich

Srdjan is a Full Professor at ETH Zurich, where he leads the System Security Group and he is also the Director of the Zurich Information Security Center.

Prof. Srdjan Capkun


Member of Advisory Board

Sam has years of experience in business development and sales (CH, UK and Northern Europe) for a B2B startup that grew to an international company with a double-digit valuation.

Samuel Berger


Member of Advisory Board, Senior Researcher at NEC Labs

Claudio holds a PHD from University of California at Irvine and is currently a Researcher at NEC Labs, while previously a Researcher in Telefonica, Spain.

Dr. Claudio Soriente


MFA Office dog for added security

Kernel keeps the team happy and chews on anything she gets her teeth on. If you're a Futurae friend she is the most playful dog. But foes, beware! Kernel secures Futurae premises and secrets.


Physical Security

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