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Press Release

Futurae Selected to Join Visa Innovation Program

Zurich, 22 June 2023 - Futurae, a leading provider of advanced authentication technologies, is thrilled to announce its selection into the prestigious Visa Innovation Program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Futurae as it continues to revolutionize authentication and enhance payment and finance experiences.

The Visa Innovation Program is renowned for its role in empowering startups to shape the future of fintech solutions. Futurae’s inclusion in this esteemed program grants access to Visa’s extensive network, cutting-edge technology, and invaluable partnerships, propelling the company towards new levels of innovation and global recognition.

Futurae specializes in advanced intelligence authentication, delivering solutions that not only ensure robust security but also enhance payment and finance experiences. By incorporating advanced intelligence algorithms, Futurae enables businesses and individuals to enjoy higher user adoption and trust, while allowing interoperability of ecosystems across the financial landscape.

“Our selection into the Visa Innovation Program is a testament to our commitment to transforming authentication and advancing payment and finance experiences,” said Sandra Tobler, CEO of Futurae. “This partnership will provide us with the opportunity to leverage Visa’s resources and expertise, accelerating the development and adoption of our groundbreaking authentication technologies.”

Futurae’s authentication technologies have already delivered impressive results for businesses, leading to higher security, user adoption, and trust. Through seamless integration and advanced intelligence, companies have experienced enhanced payment and finance experiences while ensuring data protection. These success stories demonstrate the tangible benefits that Futurae’s solutions bring to businesses and individuals.

Building upon its selection into the Visa Innovation Program, Futurae envisions a future of continuous innovation and expansion. The company is committed to collaborating with Visa and program partners to further refine its authentication solutions and deliver even greater value to clients. Expanding its global reach, Futurae plans to forge strategic alliances and enter new markets, including Europe and APAC. Furthermore, Futurae will invest in research and development to pioneer advancements in authentication technology, enabling seamless interoperability of ecosystems within the payment and finance industry.

About Futurae:

Futurae is a leading provider of advanced authentication technologies, revolutionizing authentication and advancing payment and finance experiences. With a focus on privacy and usability, Futurae empowers businesses with robust security, higher user adoption, and trust. Learn more at www.futurae.com.


For media inquiries or more information about Futurae and its participation in the Visa Innovation Program, please contact:

Gaetano Mecenero

Chief of Staff, Futurae

Email: gaetano@futurae.com

Phone: +41 79 233 23 79