Easy and affordable authentication, also for SMEs

It is very difficult for small – and medium-sized businesses to find effective multifactor authentication.

Today’s users are more demanding than ever. They want technology solutions that are easy to use, work smoothly and give them the flexibility to work whenever they want from wherever they are. Although there are many solutions, often times, they require complex on-premises installations and expensive hardware tokens that are too expensive and logistically cumbersome for SMEs. Many legacy security solutions aren’t built for today’s environment, and integrating them with a cloud offering can be a hassle for the IT team. This is exactly where Futurae makes a big difference. Futurae offers authentication as a service based on smartphones at an affordable price and very easy for small businesses to use. This saves valuable time and money of small and medium-sized businesses and adding fast value for their customers.

If you are a growing startup or a medium-sized business, get in touch with us. to learn how Futurae can increase the security of your users.