Authentication at the time of the 'Internet of Things'

In order for Alexa to generate value for the user, IoT interactions must be secured. At Futurae we have the perfect zero-interaction solution.

Conversational interfaces, like Alexa, are a huge potential for businesses across industries as they enable the next level of human-centric internet. Through so-called IoT skills, companies can bring bundles of offerings to their customers allowing a very personal interaction with their users with a voice assistant.

However, in order to allow banking transactions, obtaining sensitive information from the latest credit card transactions, ordering goods or resetting accounts via voice, an authentication mechanism has to be put into place that ensures the user is authorized to perform a particular operation. It is a requirement for businesses to know whom they are dealing with when performing a transaction. Bearing this in mind, security measures that involve a user interaction (e.g. traditional timed one-time passcodes or SMS codes a user receives on their mobile phones) are interrupting the seamless communication between the IoT device and the user and are undermining the core advantage of those interactions.

Futurae offers an entirely zero-touch authentication for the user, allowing to leverage the full user experience of the conversational interface while adequately protecting sensitive user data. Using AI assisted audio components, Futurae ensures that only an authorized person can order a product, gets access to a bank account, or can execute a payment.

If you want to learn how Futurae can help you secure your business and your users get in touch with us.