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Unified user experience across devices

No matter where your clients are accessing your services, make sure to offer the best user experience instilling trust and reliability in your brand

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User-first focus on all clients’ interactions

Intuitive touchpoints

When authenticating your clients there is no one-size-fits all. Futurae is the trusted partner of both private and retail banks and integrates a wide range of options from App-based to standalone Hardware Tokens, satisfying the most diversified user-bases be it corporates, or private individuals.

We understand different user needs and offer the right authentication method for everyone: be it tech-savvy, irregular, corporate, those that do not wish to use their mobile device as their online banking device, and much more.

Multi-channel by default

Users expect their bank to be accessible from all interfaces. Futurae enables banks to do exactly that. From the traditional e-banking access on laptops and desktops through a web browser, to more recent incarnations in mobile banking apps, all the way to future touch-points such as smart home devices or smart watches.

A unified user experience gives the user a sense of trust and reliability, knowing that they are always able to get access to the banking services however they want.

Fit for every innovation

The inherent flexibility of the Futurae Authentication Platform enables all new digital channels and projects within a bank to flourish, unencumbered by security or usability concerns.

Fintech unicorns around the world partner with Futurae to constantly innovate their products and business models. Learn how Yapeal, Scalable, and other fintechs benefit from using the Futurae Authentication Platform.

Securing a unified user experience


Enable users to always login to your online banking services. You can leverage the deep integration into state-of-the-art IAM solutions, like Airlock from Ergon, Forgerock. Alternatively, the intuitive and flexible REST APIs enable your architects and engineers to integrate any user flow into your system.

Transaction Confirmation

Once your clients are logged into the e-banking platform, it is important to keep an audit trail of their sensitive operations. From changing their contact details to approving monetary transactions, present the users with familiar, easy-to-use solutions.

Futurae products (One-Touch (Push), QR-Code, Offline QR-Code) are integrated into Finnova, Avaloq, and many other core-banking suites, enabling your bank a fast deployment of state-of-the-art solutions for your users.

Helpdesk Identification

Ensure mutual authentication between your clients and helpdesk agents. Instead of asking questions that can be easily guessed, enable a streamlined push-based authentication solution.

Your clients will be 100% certain to be talking to an authorized helpdesk agent who can trigger a One-Touch authentication operation all the while your helpdesk agents have the guarantee that they are talking to an authorized user.

Fraud Detection

Detect more fraud in real-time by deep-linking the data available on the Futurae Platform to existing risk-monitoring engines and SIEM solutions from lead industry providers like Splunk, NetGuardians, etc.

Protect your clients even more against recent attacks such as “fake microsoft support” calls by detecting when anomalous behaviour is triggered on the clients’ computers

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Security-first Product

Privacy by design

Futurae minimizes the processing and storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). There’s no reliance on clients’ biometric data to be stored centrally.

Fully compliant with banking regulations

Futurae uses European, ISO-certified, PCI/DSS-compliant, geo-redundant data centers close to each customer jurisdiction. Futurae solutions are PSD2/SCA compliant and can be used in conjunction with 3DSv2 for credit card transactions.

Risk Mitigation

Banks are the leaders in providing the trust required to protect some of their clients most precious possessions. Recent trends include vendors diversification: choose an innovative, cloud-first vendor alongside an on-premise solution and migrate your users over time.

Security measures & controls

Futurae security guarantees exceed industry best practices. For instance, recurring pentests are made available to customers (as part of the Premium and Enterprise Support packages), and customers can mandate their own pentests and audits. Read more about Futrurae security practices.


With Futurae, we have found a partner that not only exceeds our expectations regarding seamless user authentication, but is also a pleasure to work with. The interactions are always straightforward and friendly

Dimitri Gougouli
Strategic Project Manager, Qonto


PSD2 Compliance from SMS to Futurae

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