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Context-based, invisible authentication

Improve security and user experience by eliminating passwords from your user journey. Reduce fraud, identity, and support costs. Reinvent your customer’s first touch point with the most advanced Adaptive Authentication solution on the market.

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An invisible line of defense to protect your customers

Frictionless user experience

Your users can access your digital service without any additional steps thanks to Adaptive Authentication. Keep security at the forefront while providing an excellent and passwordless user experience.

Reduce password related helpdesk calls by 50%

No more forgotten passwords and tedious authentication processes: Simply open an application and use it right away with Adaptive Authentication performed in the background.

Go the extra mile for bulletproof security

Rapidly changing threat landscapes result in high development and maintenance costs for authentication solutions. Leave it to our top security engineers, so that you can focus on what you do best.


Futurae consists of a highly talented and committed team that delivers its promises with their innovative AI enhanced authentication portfolio.

Andy Iten

Senior Product Manager, Six Group


Zero-friction, 100% secure

Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative security research, Adaptive Authentication is a game changer in the multi-factor authentication space. Without any additional action, end-users can verify their identity thanks to machine learning running in the background.

Futurae’s Adaptive Authentication analyzes numerous device-inherit and environmental signals simultaneously to build a user-specific secure context.

Smart fallback mechanisms ensure that your users can always authenticate securely, even offline.



Frictionless access in your customers day-to-day


At Home


As your customers log in to your digital service, the Adaptive Authentication system understands that they are in a familiar surrounding, based on their location, wifi, bluetooth and other signals. Assessing the context to be safe, adaptive allows the user to authenticate with zero touch, zero friction.


Remote or travelling

Traveling to a place for the first time with unfamiliar WiFi? Adaptive cross-checks for any previously identified signals in the user context: Do they use the same device as they normally do when authenticating, and do they have other devices with them that adaptive recognizes? If not enough signals are identified, adaptive will prompt a second-factor authentication for a higher level of security. Adaptive keeps your customer’s authentication secure even during travel.


While Offline

No WiFi connection? With Futurae’s smart fallback solution, your users are prompted for a second-factor authentication to ensure that it is a valid authentication attempt. This guarantees that they can access your digital services under any circumstance.

The most advanced Adaptive Authentication suite


Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive authentication observes and learns the context of your users to best secure them in their daily login and authentication activities. User-specific, secure contexts are created by taking into account device inherit signals (e.g., IP address, location) and environmental cues (e.g., network devices).

Users can authenticate seamlessly without taking any further action since adaptive runs invisibly in the background. Additional authentication factors are required should adaptive deem the context insecure at any point based on the risk levels set by the customer.


Continuous Adaptive Trust

Continuous Adaptive Authentication prevents unauthorized access by checking a user's context in real-time. With this technology, businesses can reduce the risk of account takeover risks, credential stuffing, and other identity fraud types by 30%.

Customers can set their own risk levels and specify which contexts should be considered trustworthy and which ones require step-up authentication.


Adaptive Account Recovery

Switch to a new device and automatically recover MFA accounts without additional support. A swiftly integrated solution, Futurae Account Recovery substantially reduces support tickets and associated costs while providing a best-in-class user experience.

The added level of security provided by Adaptive Authentication makes account recovery more secure. Migration is only performed if the user is in a safe context based on the multiple signals that adaptive analyzes. Self-service account recovery reduces touchpoints by 25% compared to traditional, inferior solutions.


Secure and privacy-preserving authentication

Protecting user privacy is an integral part of Futurae’s Authentication Platform. Observation keys do not transmit sensitive information and are kept uncorrelated when using Adaptive Authentication, so the privacy of users is maintained.

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